Xbox Series X: soon a new more efficient model?

Xbox Series X: soon a new more efficient model?

It's an open secret, but current-gen consoles should definitely get a little overhaul in their lifetime. But, while waiting for a real new version, Microsoft will review one of the components of its Xbox Series X.

If we will probably have to wait several months before being able to discover the mid-generation consoles (such as the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X), the American manufacturer would provide for its part a change at the level of the Xbox Series X. is in any case what journalist Brad Sams reports on his YouTube channel. The main interested party mentions in particular the revision of a very specific component.

An anecdotal performance gain for players?

Microsoft plans to add a new chip to its favorite console. It is important to clarify that the gaming experience should absolutely not change for the user. The power of the machine will not move, but this famous chip could be more efficient, with in particular better management of its temperature. This should also reduce production costs.

Replacing a console's chip during its life cycle is commonplace in the video game industry. The gamer almost never sees the difference, and this habit should not change with the Xbox Series X.