Borderlands 3: a long-awaited feature is coming to PlayStation

Borderlands 3: a long-awaited feature is coming to PlayStation

Initially launched in September 2019, Borderlands 3 has welcomed new content but also various additional features since its release. However, a possibility is still lacking on the side of PlayStation players… But that will change soon!

You should know that Sony has long been extremely reluctant to open the floodgates of cross-play on its consoles. Indeed, Xbox was always inclined to offer this feature in order to unify the communities of players on the games available on several supports. Faced with such a phenomenon, the Japanese manufacturer was forced to give in and another title will soon benefit from it.

Patience finally rewarded

Thus, 2K Games has confirmed that Borderlands 3 will “ soon  ” receive  an update on PS5 and PS4 . The patch in question will add the ability to play cross-play on these versions. While they can already play with each other, Xbox One, Xbox Series , Mac, Stadia, and PC users are currently unable to join those with a PlayStation. But that will soon be corrected.

Note that Tiny Tina's Wonderlands , the next game from Gearbox and 2K Games, will support cross-play from its launch on all media. This spin-off to the Borderlands saga will be released on March 25, 2022.