Forspoken unveils a brand new trailer

Forspoken unveils a brand new trailer

Originally slated for May 25, Forspoken , Square Enix's PS5 console exclusive , has recently been delayed to October 11, 2022 . And the title took advantage of the State of Play this Wednesday evening to unveil a brand new trailer.

A new action-packed trailer, mostly focused on combat and magic!


A new trailer for Forspoken

The open-world Action-RPG developed by the Luminous Production teams will allow players to embody the character of Frey, who will find himself propelled far from New York into a fantastic universe. The young heroine is mysteriously teleported to the world of Athia and will have to try to survive there on her own. The title features gameplay based on the speed of Frey's movements to provide dynamic game mechanics and fast-paced action.

And speaking of dynamism, Forspoken has just taken advantage of a spotlight by PlayStation as part of the last State of Play to show itself through a new trailer, this time essentially centered on the action. We discover new gameplay extracts allowing you to enjoy more of the enchanting universe of the title.

Despite the postponement of the game, the famous site GameInformer had the opportunity to discover the future production of Square Enix, announcing that magic would be at the heart of the gameplay, with no less than 20 spells expected, and that it would be divided into three categories in order to multiply the approaches: attack magic, support magic and finally a last one allowing to trigger overpowered enchantments. A gameplay rich in promise, therefore, which will now have time to refine since the title is expected for October 11 on PC and PS5 exclusively on console.