Improvements and adjustments planned for the closed beta of Overwatch 2

Improvements and adjustments planned for the closed beta of Overwatch 2

A week after the launch of Overwatch 2 's closed beta , Blizzard seems more determined than ever to evolve its FPS with the community.

Team 4 has indeed shared in a blog post the changes planned for this first phase of beta and beyond, in order to offer the experience that fans have been waiting for so long.

The Supports are having a bad time

Despite generally very positive feedback on this build, the main purpose of which was to introduce us to a first draft of the new PvP features of Overwatch 2 such as Push mode or Sojourn , the closed beta was certainly not free from flaws.

At the top of the list we have Supports that have hardly received any major changes other than a passive allowing them to heal themselves if they are out of harm's way. But their kit designed for 6 against 6 makes them particularly vulnerable in a world where there is no Tank to protect them.

Team 4 thus plans to make several adjustments in the coming days to the different heroes in this category to make them more interesting to play on Overwatch 2 . The lack of balance towards them had a pernicious side effect. Right now it's definitely more fun to play Tank and DPS, which have received their batches of major changes .

It could be that one or two new Support heroes land on this closed beta to change the game. But it will probably be necessary to wait for a next beta phase to witness such a major upheaval. Team 4 definitely doesn't like to rush players too much.

Overwatch 2 Queue Should Get Shorter

In the interim, this cruel lack of balance for the Supports leads to a large queue for the Tank and DPS roles, and therefore very long delays before a game is launched. In addition to returning Supports to their former glory, Team 4 plans to make adjustments to this.

Some have also deplored the absence of a Competitive mode in this closed beta. Logically, Blizzard preferred to focus on the Quick Match mode so as not to divide the relatively small number of participants.

Finally, the user interface should also undergo adjustments, in particular on a scoreboard deemed a little too complete by the community. We should in the next few days discover a clearer and more relevant scoreboard in the information displayed.

If the road is still long until the release of Overwatch 2 (a priori in 2023), Blizzard plans to enhance the next beta phases with other elements such as new heroes , new maps and game modes.

But more importantly, Team 4 wants to bring players into the loop more than ever. The teams have obviously learned the lesson and what two years of near-radio silence can evoke for a passionate community of fans. Let's hope that Blizzard will be able to keep its commitments on this point.

Source : Blizzard