Razer Edge 5G: Valve's Steam Deck competitor unveiled !

Razer Edge 5G: Valve's Steam Deck competitor unveiled !

A new portable gaming system that could snare users from Valve's Steam Deck is being introduced by Razer and Verizon.

With Razer and Verizon announcing a new portable in development, Steam Deck will soon face competition from another source. The gadget claims to have a fascinating feature that the Steam Deck is missing, which might be enough to attract gamers.

Without a question, the Steam Deck revolutionized the gaming industry, with players having to wait up to a year for their pre-ordered units to arrive. Despite Valve's efforts to avoid stockpiling pre-orders, demand vastly outstripped supply, and it appears that other businesses have noticed the success.

The Razer Edge 5G is the most current of several gaming handhelds that are either in development or have already appeared and may be able to compete with the Steam Deck. This specific gaming handheld is special since it has full access to Verizon's 5G mobile network, as the name says. Unlike the Steam Deck, which could only be used at home via a direct Wi-Fi or internet connection, this gadget can be carried everywhere and has direct internet access.

The new Razer Edge 5G is advertised as having the ability to play games that are either kept on the device, streamed from the cloud, or downloaded from a console. The handset is powered by a Snapdragon G3X Gen 1, but other information about the device's specifications has not yet been made public. At RazerCon, which takes place on October 15, Razer will fully unveil the device, including its price and features.

For a long time, handheld games were very popular. However, as consoles become more powerful, the gap between them and gaming PCs or consoles started to grow. But after the Nintendo Switch was released, it was obvious that a portable gaming platform with top-notch visuals and gameplay was becoming a reality. The Steam Deck advanced the portable idea by giving players on the go a PC-like experience, even though the Switch lacks some features compared to its rival consoles.

Although the Steam Deck has a respectable amount of built-in storage and the option to extend it further, the Razer Edge 5G's ability to stream games is definitely a major selling point. Although this kind of connection can be made by attaching a device to a user's mobile phone's internet connection, having everything in one unit and avoiding exhausting a phone and portable gaming system's battery is easier. It will be interesting to see if the Razer Edge 5G can replicate the Steam Deck's current level of popularity and reasonably low cost.