SEGA could soon announce the re-release of a legendary console!

SEGA could soon announce the re-release of a legendary console!

Retrogaming fans will probably want to watch this announcement very closely. SEGA is preparing its little event that will unveil a new project, probably retro.

The announcement season is going to start with a bang. While Sony is planning a new State of Play this Thursday, June 2, SEGA is also preparing a surprise for its fans ahead of Summer Game Fest 2022 .

A new mini-console from SEGA?

The Japanese publisher has indeed made an appointment on Friday June 3 at 1 p.m. (French time) for a new announcement that is still kept secret. Obviously, the former manufacturer is teasing it, describing it as “a new project”, and we may already have some clues as to its nature. Already because the tweet is accompanied by a cake in the form of a Mega Drive controller, but the names of the speakers also give some clues.

Will be present for this livestream Misuzu Araki, and especially Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yôsuke Okunari, having both worked on the Mega Drive Mini . It could therefore be that SEGA announces a new mini-console. However, the two craftsmen deal more generally with the company's retrogaming projects . It is for example to them that we owe the SEGA Ages collection. See you Friday to find out if the publisher is preparing the miniaturization of another console or if it will still be a compilation, or even something completely different.