SEGA plans a strategy rich in AAA games … and potentially in NFT

SEGA plans a strategy rich in AAA games … and potentially in NFT

Relatively quiet for some time, SEGA went into more detail on an ambitious project called Super Game, involving a lot of games… and probably NFTs .

The project was announced last year as part of an investor call and involves a massive investment of 100 billion yen over a period of five years. The Japanese giant recently exposed the idea behind Super Game further.

A really great project?

The use of the term "Game" in the singular suggested that SEGA was going to devote particularly significant resources and time to a single game. Shuji Utsumi, the company's executive vice president, recently delved into what was hidden behind the project.

“ We have defined Super Game as the development of several AAA titles that take advantage of our wide range of technologies. Our goal is to make them interactive games that go beyond the traditional framework of games. »

SEGA thus intends to develop several titles that meet the following criteria:

  • Cross-platform;
  • Multilingual development;
  • Simultaneous releases worldwide;
  • AAA

Suffice to say particularly ambitious titles, which will not have enough of five years of development. However, the mention of titles " going beyond the traditional framework of games " may raise some eyebrows. SEGA has recently invested heavily in Cloud Gaming and NFTs, and Shuji Utsumi did not hide the fact that some of the games from the Super Game project should integrate said technologies:

“ In our opinion, this is a natural extension of video games which will extend to new subjects such as the Cloud or NFTs. We are also developing the Super Game project with the ambition to see how far different games can be connected to each other ,” he concluded.