Steam Deck: the latest update brings a long-awaited feature

Steam Deck: the latest update brings a long-awaited feature

A few weeks after its launch, the Steam Deck is charting its course towards new horizons by welcoming ever more new features. And the latest update brings just a handful of new features.

Over the course of the patches deployed, Valve's portable console has received significant additions for players. Examples include Windows 11 compatibility , the addition of a lock screen, a marked improvement in battery life or even better optimization of the interface in general as well as the virtual keyboard. The Steam Deck will not stop there since yet another update has just arrived.


Your console on a bigger screen

On its site, Valve detailed the new features deployed through the patch. Among the most important, we find the possibility of connecting the Steam Deck to an external screen. The interface will be scaled and the resolution will then change to 1280 x 800 pixels. The American firm announces that it will continue its work at this level. In addition, by going through the quick access menu, then Performances > Advanced display , it is now possible to configure specific performances for each game.

Finally, the update includes various fixes on notifications, dialog boxes or even on the keyboard and the screen magnifier.  A " stop streaming  " button for remote play has also been added to the power menu.