There will soon be a new Playstation 5 with a "detachable" disc drive !

There will soon be a new Playstation 5 with a "detachable" disc drive !

According to rumors, Sony is getting ready to release a third PS5 model with a removable disc drive in September 2024.

A third PS5 model due in September 2024? This is what Tom Henderson's sources in a recent article on his new website seem to suggest. The new PlayStation 5 would attempt to replace all of the present PlayStation 5 versions, which have been on the market since November 2020, according to the insider's remarks.

A new Playstation for late summer 2024

In the video game industry, Tom Henderson is a well-known insider who has obtained many insider scoops. He was the first to mention the "Pro" controller and new PlayStation accessories at the start of the summer. Information that was later corroborated by Sony's InZone line and the DualSense Edge's reveal at Gamescom.

The launch of Insider Gaming, a gaming news website that will undoubtedly be owned by a number of insiders, was announced by Tom Henderson today. In honor of the opening, Henderson released an exclusive scoop about the PS5's upcoming new model, which is scheduled to debut in September 2024 and will fully replace the PS5's current chassis A, B, and C. The PS5 was first introduced in November 2020.

This PS5 would be a "All Digital" console with a removable disc player, according to the initial information. A second USB-C port on the PlayStation 5's back will be used to connect the external hard drive to the device. The upcoming device, now known as PlayStation 5 D-frame, will contain almost exactly the same hardware as current consoles, according to people close to Tom Henderson.

Of course, Sony intends to market the new console as a standalone product, a PS5 Digital Edition, or as part of a package with a disc player. The disk drive won't work with the same system twice, according to the first piece of information. Therefore, you can purchase a replacement disc drive without switching consoles if your old one breaks.

Tom Henderson and his sources haven't yet talked about a price.