Xbox Considering Allowing Series S Owners To Play Games In Physical Format

Xbox Considering Allowing Series S Owners To Play Games In Physical Format

Owning a console without a Blu-ray player has advantages, but also disadvantages compared to machines that have one. However, Microsoft could soon combine the best of both worlds.

If it is quite logically less efficient than the Series X , the Xbox Series S has serious advantages including a relatively attractive price for a new generation console. Unfortunately, the strategy of "dematerialized everything" on which the machine is aligned can also cool players who prefer to buy their games in stores. The American manufacturer seems to be looking for a solution to satisfy everyone.


A rather imprecise patent

The GameRant site recently unearthed a patent filed by Microsoft. The description hints at a system that would allow gamers to use an external disc drive (like an Xbox One or Xbox Series X) to save a game in physical format for digital licensing. The game in question could then be downloaded to an Xbox Series S while retaining the physical edition.

At this time, it is unclear how such a system would work. Once obtained, will the dematerialized license be available indefinitely, or will it be necessary to proceed to a new registration after a certain time? Because, with the first option, nothing would prevent reselling the Blu-Ray in stores while keeping the digital version. But remember that this is only a patent that Microsoft will not necessarily use.