You can now play Wordle on Nintendo Switch, and it's free (not for everyone)!

How to play Wordle on Nintendo Switch? Easy, it's with the Words With Freds game, copies and clones of the internet hit are coming to Nintendo's game console.

If you are completely addicted to the wordle game and want to be able to play it at any time on your game console, we have found the solution! Indeed, Words With Freds is a new and very simple to use word game in which you have to guess words chosen at random. Be careful, you only have six tries! But don't worry, each wrong answer will give you clues that will guide you to the answer!

Thanks to this game you will have several words to discover each day, you will not be limited like on the web version you already know.

The game costs 1 dollars, and it's free if you already own other games from the same publisher, so go to the nintendo store to check if you can get it!

Enjoy the game !